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Fireside Chat Speaker Series

Harrison Tang

Founder of Spokeo

Harrison Tang and his co-founders created Spokeo in 2006 while at Stanford University. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall direction and product strategy of the people intelligence platform.

Dr. Donald L. Brittian

Principal Engineer at Nvidia
Dr. Donald Brittain, a Entrepreneur in AI & deep learning technology.

Peggy Kelley

Founder/Chief Creative Officer - Timeless Celebrations.
Award-Winning Event Producer and Mediaprenuer: Creator, Producer and Host of TV show "LATE NITE BRIDE".

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Our Team

Head of Content Acquisition of the First FAN-Owned Entertainment company.
Business Coach 
LIFT Pastor 

George Falardeau

Daytime Emmy Award Winner Director & CEO of Pasadena Media

Founder and Principal of Unyque Financial

Valerie Alexander

Founder/ CEO of Goalkeeper Media, the creator of the Happy Couples Bot
Panelists include:

Microsoft, Anthony Kelani  

ExpertDOJO, Dustin Dye

CopyRevision, Rob Lubow 

BrainItch,Todd Terazzas, Scott Tamura

Swelly, Fred J. Strasser

Otoño Luján

Chief Marketing Consultant

Joel Gay

 Founder and President of Rapid Readiness Consulting

Kip Rolfe

Coffee Master of Coast II Coaster Roaster & Owner of Sidewalk Cafe HTS

Barbara Shay

Cuttin' Up in the Kitchen
with B. Shay
TV Producer, Host and Hollywood Food Stylist

Dr. John G. Hofmann

Entrepreneur Chef & Inventor